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• ANTIOXIDANTS: The black garlic has very high levels of antioxidants, ten times more than common garlic and 2000 times more antioxidant power than vitamin E. It is one of the most effective antioxidants known. It helps to prevent damage caused by poor diet, atmospheric pollutants, electromagnetic pollution, stress... Great help in chronic and degenerative diseases, where great oxidative stress takes place.


• DIGESTIVE: Helps to improve slow and heavy digestions, as well as bloating and abdominal distension. It can help fight infectious, inflammatory processes or alterations of the gastric mucosa. Regulates intestinal transit and promotes the growth of a healthy bacterial flora.


• CIRCULATORY: Contributes to prevent coronary problems, such as heart attacks, angina and ischemia. It helps improve circulation and microcirculation, prevents atherosclerosis, purifies blood, helps relax arterial and venous walls and helps arterial disinflammation, acting as an antihypertensive agent.


• Contributes to the health of the LIVER: Great depurative. Facilitates the enzymatic stimulation of detoxification. It helps the removal of heavy metals (Hg, Pb ...).


• Contributes to the health of the IMMUNITY SYSTEM: It helps maintain a strong and healthy immune system. Increase the response of lymphocytes and cytokines. Acts as a modulator in autoimmune disorders.


• VIGORIZING: Increases energy and performance. It stimulates an adequate response to stress.

• RESPIRATORY: Fluidifies the mucous secretions, modulates the inflammatory response. Antiasthmatic. Antiseptic effect. Depurative pulmonary. Recommended for smokers and people exposed to air pollutants.

• METABOLICS: It favors the adequate metabolism of glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides.


• ENDOCRINE: Modulates the functioning of the endocrine glands. It promotes the good health of the thyroid, pancreas, adrenal and sexual glands.


• UROGENITAL: Contributes to kidney health. Great diuretic effect. It soothes the menstruation process because of its circulatory properties. Helps improve prostatic function.

• SKIN: Favors the formation of keratin and collagen, improving the firmness and elasticity of the skin. It calms eczemas and skin allergies. Fights bacteria and fungi, in addition to helping fight acne. Zinc, manganese, copper and sulfur contribute to the health of skin, hair and nails.


• NERVOUS SYSTEM: Improves the quality of sleep and acts as an adaptogen. Increases the response to stress.

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