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Californian Massage in Rotterdam

Californian Massage

Womas Massage is a pioneer in offering this massage in Rotterdam. Born on the Californian coast in the 60's, this massage is a drug for the soul. 
The perfect balance and the wonderful combination of techniques is considered to relieve both physical and emotional pain. 

This is where this massage becomes an art and incorporates elements of other techniques such as gentle stretching, passive joint movements, deep muscle tissue work, delicate cranial rocking and rhythmic movements making each massage unique.

"Each session is unique, and we create it with the client according to their needs at that moment"



Indications of Californian Massage

Its purpose is to alleviate the psychophysical consequences of stress and emotional blockages, helping and conferring relaxation, a moment to let go and reconcile with the body. Such therapy is focused on and best suited for people who:

  • Want to become aware of their body.

  • Improve their posture or breathing.

  • For chronic pain or stress.

  • People who are open to try something different, a way of working with a broader approach.

  • Advisable for people who are going through a process of change or a crisis (as it can bring a new vision to their own life).

Duration: 60, or 90 min

Pressure: Firm

    For more enjoyment we recommend our

  • Any of our organic oils are welcome for this massage.

(*) For the Californian massage, organic oils are free of charge.

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