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Tratamientos faciales

Natural Cryo Lifting

Feel the Argan oil... the liquid gold of Morocco, combined with the toning properties of Mint and Rosemary.

It is as if a ray of light is shining on your skin.

Results: Firming effect for flaccid skin.
Deeply regenerating, refreshing and toning effect.
Provides tone, firmness and nourishment to the dermis.


Natural Cosmetic Visage by CV Primary Essence is the unique Natural & Organic Treatment designed for your skin.


1. Cleansing with Bulgarian Rose.

2. Peeling + Quinta Esenza Lifting: geranium, cypress, lemon, mint, patchouli and rosemary.

3. Mask + Quinta Esenza Lifting.

4. Craneal & Neck Massage

5. Cream + Argan Oil + Quinta Esenza Lifting.


6. Facial Lifting Massage.

7. Cryomask with spirulina algae.

How many sessions are needed?

You will see results from the first session. We recommend 6 sessions (once a week) to maintain the effects.

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Home Treatment

CV Primary Essence has also designed these products for use at home to complement the lifting treatment.

Cleansing: Mousse + Bulgarian Rose Ecological Water.

Day: Genuity Eyes Cream + Genuity Serum + Genuity Cream

Night: Genuity Eyes Cream + Genuity Serum + Argan Oil

Find your Home Treatment Here

Buy your products online and pick them up when you come for your treatment.

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