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Fades away.

6 facial concentrates formulated with highly effective active ingredients, which act directly on the different problems in the ageing process, improving the specific functions of the skin.


Each concentrate has a "target action" on each type of cell, tissue or skin element.


Combine codes, according to the needs of the skin.


Up to three specific concentrates can be mixed and hundreds of different combinations can be designed..... is the truly individualised treatment tailored to each client.


01 OXYGEN CODE: Facial concentrate with Oxylastyl and Vitamin C. Code targets action in the mitochondria. Brightens skin with symptoms of asphyxia, restoring the luminosity, energy and vitality of youthful skin. Indicated for skin in urban environments, subject to pollution, smoking or poor eating habits.

02 DNA DEFENSE CODE: Facial concentrate with Active Soya Peptides and Organic Silicon. Code targets DNA. Repairs and protects stem cells from damage caused by the action of free radicals. Indicated for combating photo-ageing.

03 NUTRITION CODE: Facial concentrate with Caviar Extract and Tiare Flower. Code target action on the epidermis. Reinforces the skin's barrier effect producing deep hydraprotection and immediate nutrition. Indicated for dry, dehydrated skin that lacks the ability to generate a hydrolipidic film.

04 BRIGHTENING CODE: Facial concentrate with Chromabright Bearberry Leaf Extract. Code targets the melanocyte. Fades age spots and discolourations, balancing the skin tone and making it more radiant and uniform. Indicated for depigmenting and spot treatments.

05 DENSITY CODE: Facial concentrate with Hyaluronic Acid and Mukul Myrrh Extract. Code targets action in the dermis. Fills wrinkles and redensifies the skin, increasing the elements of the extracellular matrix. Redefines the oval of the face and acts on flaccidity. Indicated for fine, wrinkled and dehydrated skin.

06 LIFTING CODE: Facial concentrate with DMAE and Argireline. Code targets the dermis. Smoothes the skin relief due to its action on expression wrinkles. Indicated for fine skin, expression wrinkles, eye and lip contours.

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