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Stop Back Pain Massage

Stop Back Pain Massage

Combination therapies are proven to be much more effective in the fight against muscle pain.

Womas Massage in Rotterdam Centre has designed two specific protocols according to your needs:



Combination therapy with chiromassage + infrared lamp + cupping.

Recommended for people who take care of their back but who at a specific moment have an acute pain (no more than 15 days).


Combined therapy with chiromassage + artioil (special balsamic oil for muscular and bone pain) + maderotherapy (stimulation of the circulatory system) + mudtherapy (elimination of oedema and muscular inflammation) + foot reflexology.

Recommended for people with deep muscle contractures, lack of joint mobility, inflammation of muscle tissue, in short, your body is telling you that it needs a change.

What is Chiromassage?

is a Chiromassage Technique of the Spanish doctor Ferrandiz Garcia (1893-1981) to soothe muscle pain. 
This massage is combined with stop back pain or pro depending on each client.
The result is amazing at the end of the treatment. 

Some clients have defined it as "now my back has light" or "I feel more positive and cheerful". 


X Relaxing massages do not help with these issues.
X Deep Tissue Massage does not help with this problem either, why? 

When a muscle is in an inflammatory process, the last thing it needs is pressure (the only thing we will achieve by applying pressure is to create more inflammation and injure the muscle).

So, when is a deep tissue massage recommended?  When we have a healthy back and we want a preventive massage.

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