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Authentic Madero Therapy at WOMAS

60-minute sessions with guaranteed results from the first session.

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" Maderotherapy (Wood therapy) is not just another service, it is an Art to be lived".

Benefits of MaderoTherapy

  1. Wood therapy is highly recommended for people who are about to start new eating habits or physical exercise routines.

  2. Helps to prepare the skin for "pre" and post-surgical procedures.

  3. Firms and tones the skin layers.

  4. Renews the skin's emulsified mantle.

  5. Improves blood circulation.

  6. Regulates the functioning of the lymphatic system.

  7. Improves the production of elastin, vitamin and collagen.

  8. Reactivates the nervous system.

  9. Strengthens the immune system.

  10. Reduces stress and anxiety.

  11. Relieves muscular and osteoarticular pain.

  12. Helps to combat and eliminate cellulite.

  13. Lifts, firms and tones muscles.

  14. Lifts and firms the buttocks in a natural way.

  15. Lifts and firms the bust.

  16. Avoids muscular and tension overloads.

  17. Improves and favours the elimination of liquids.

  18. Favours the elimination of localised fat.

  19. Promotes relaxation and sleep.

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Maderotherapie can help to relieve knots produced by accumulated tensions, to drain, to eliminate liquids, to smooth orange peel skin and to reshape the figure.

Maderotherapy is applied, for aesthetic purposes, to drain localised adiposity and, in this way, to reduce and shape the figure.

It can also help relaxation and reduce the level of stress, tired legs, etc.

Facial woodtherapy can have a firming effect and help to reactivate the production of elastin and collagen, as well as improve blood circulation, tone the face and activate blood and lymphatic circulation, increasing drainage and detoxification of the body.


  • The contraindications of wood therapy are few and among them we can highlight the following:

  • The application of wood therapy is not recommended for pregnant women.

  • The application of wood therapy is not recommended for people with cancerous processes, as there may be a risk of moving the cancerous cells through the lymphatic system.

  • Wood therapy is not recommended for people with kidney problems or pathologies.

  • Wood therapy is not recommended for people with advanced varicose veins.

  • Wood therapy is not recommended for people with an allergic reaction to wood.

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