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What is Lymphatic Drainage?

Manual lymphatic drainage is a therapeutic technique used directly on the lymphatic system. The function of its application is to facilitate the circulation of the lymph by means of specific slow, gentle and superficial manoeuvres to purify and eliminate cellular fluids.

What is the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is responsible for eliminating metabolic and cellular waste from the body. By applying manual lymphatic drainage we facilitate the mobilisation of liquids and substances that are located in the extracellular space, which facilitates the proper functioning of the body. In our massage therapy centre in Rotterdam we offer you our lymphatic drainage service, which facilitates the removal of multiple lesions.

Unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system is open and runs parallel to the veins, following the same route, but in the extracellular space. The movement of lymph depends on muscle contraction and valves in the lymphatic vessels. This activation occurs with the difference in pressure between the cells.

Manual lymphatic drainage acts directly on the pre-lymphatic channels, lymphatic capillaries, lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes to improve the transport of lymph.

How important is the lymphatic system?

The importance of the lymphatic system in the human body:

  • It provides us with immunity to identify potential pathogens and toxic agents.

  • It provides effectiveness to our immune system to cope with diseases.

  • It provides us with a state of alertness, activating the sympathetic system to cleanse and detoxify all wastes (to maintain balance).

  • Help the flow and return of larger molecules into the bloodstream.

  • Eliminates toxins.

  • Detects pathogens.

  • Enhance antibody production.

Benefits of manual lymphatic drainage on the body:

  • Relaxing effect: as the nervous system is balanced, following the activation of the parasympathetic system by means of this massage (relaxation of muscle tone).

  • Healing effect: because it favours the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.

  • Analgesic effect: because analgesic substances are released that relieve pain. In addition, nociceptive and mechanoreceptor nerve endings are decompressed.

  • Immune action: by stimulating the body's immune mechanisms.

  • Draining action: by stimulating the lymphatic vessels.

  • Biological filtering action: by preventing the passage of foreign substances into the body.

  • Eliminates metabolic and cellular waste.

  • Relaxes the musculature.

  • Balances the nervous system.

  • Stimulates intestinal motility.

  • Stimulates the immune system.

Indications for the application of manual lymphatic drainage:

  • Lymphoedema.

  • Post-surgical oedema (surgery, cosmetic procedures).

  • Post-traumatic oedemas (bruises, blows, falls).

  • Oncological pathologies (post-mastectomy treatments, radiotherapy, chemotherapy).

  • Vascular pathologies (tired legs, varicose veins, fluid retention, circulatory disorders).

  • Acute injuries (sprains, broken fibres).

  • Headache, migraines and headaches.

  • Scars (hypertrophic, keloids).

  • Stress.

Contraindication for the application of manual lymphatic drainage:

  • Uncontrolled malignant tumours.

  • Acute infections.

  • Decompensated heart failure.

  • Recent thrombosis.

  • Hyperthyroidism (relative).

  • Uncontrolled arterial hypotension.

  • Pregnancy (relative).

  • Asthmatic crisis.

At Womas Massage Rotterdam we offer lymphatic drainage which brings multiple benefits and satisfactory results for our patients.

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