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CV Primary Essence. The holistic cosmetics brand taking the world by storm

CV Primary Essence is a company that was founded in 1997 in Barcelona, manufacturing professional natural cosmetics based on aromatherapy, to meet the demands of the most demanding aesthetics professionals.

In the laboratory of CV Primary Essence they work with the tradition of the purest aromatherapy, using the most advanced techniques to create natural cosmetics that care for the skin, comfort the spirit and relax the mind, always respecting the natural cycle of life.

The best natural beauty professionals work with CV in more than 20 countries.

Our aim is to turn our gaze towards nature and its infinite possibilities combined with science, as well as to free our formulas from parabens, silicones and other petroleum derivatives, manufacturing natural and even certified organic cosmetics, suitable for vegans, with a more sustainable packaging without renouncing luxury.

Our professional treatments are doubly effective because the essential oils act on the mind, generating well-being, but they also penetrate the organism with a regenerating action.

What products do they offer?

100% natural ingredients

Their cosmetics are 100% natural, of vegetable origin, and do not contain artificial colourings, preservatives or perfumes. The raw materials are natural and their formulations are made using techniques that respect the environment and animals, in order to respect the commitment we all have with nature.

This would be a small example of the star products of facial and body cosmetics and aromatherapy that you already have at your disposal in WOMAS:

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