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Starting 2024 ... Starting Super Promo !!

Womas Massage Rotterdam

6 jan. 2024

For Ondalium Lovers !!!

No wonder Ondalium has sold more than 200 units since it landed at Womas.

And there is something that this brand has that no other can beat, its fluid extract of black garlic, which gives us Glow, leaves us perfect, fills us with energy and even changes the chip!

Ondalium convinces..... this Spanish holistic laboratory has managed to get Womas customers to send them Whatsapp audios thanking them for having created their wonderful product.

Ondalium Beauty Nutricocktel

Both the nutricosmetic (sales leader in a very short time) and the facial cream and serum with overwhelming results in Womas customers in a so so short time.

That's why we are going to celebrate and give thanks for having found Ondalium with a very special offer for January.

If you want to enjoy the offer, all you have to do is shop through the online shop and enter the following promotional code:

(Limited units while stocks last)

  • Serum + Cream = 1 Ondalium Beauty Free CODE:ONDALIUM3

  • 3 Ondalium Beauty (3 month treatment) + 1 Ondalium Beauty Free CODE:ONDALIUMBEAUTY

And now all you have to do is pick it up at Womas or we can send it to your home!!!

You don't know Ondalium yet?

No problem!

Here are the links to the first organic cosmetic line with black garlic, although you might be addicted to them!

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